This Book Changed Me: Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

NO KIDDING!!! Yes this lighthearted book by Sophie Kinsella changed my life. Asking me how? hmm…okay let me explain then. I adore the heroine of this book LEXI SMART and could relate myself with her in most parts of the story  excluding her amnesiac condition, thank God. She is snaggletooth, frizzy haired, shy, loves reading and having crappy job. But she is a fighter within her awkward self. She transforms her life which is contrary to her previous life and get her teeth fixed and complete self makeover afterward becoming the boss where she did her crappy job earlier. img_20170119_115306I wonder there are numerous example of celebrities who were snaggletooth and awkward before they went for complete makeover. On the top list Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes, Kirsten Dunst, Cheryl Cole, Tom Cruise, Zac Efron, Hilary duff, and the list is long. I had a minor gap in between tooth issue in between two teeth and I was certainly not happy about it. While reading this book I got my inspiration from Lexi Smart and decided to get the gap fixed no matter what. Now also I don’t own perfect celebrity teeth but they are beautiful and I am extremely happy about it. Inspiration for me came from this chick lit by Sophie Kinsella. Inspiration and change doesn’t always have to be derived from super serious source, it can be lighthearted and joyful come. Makeover gives you power no matter how small it is, everything counts in the bank of life where every tiny effort done on oneself is a great deposit. I find Lexi Smart smart enough to inspire many and recommend reading this cute novel.

“keep calm and reinvent yourself” 🙂

Thank You!


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